Ritterspachs Black Magic


Date of birth 2000-06-09

Colour Black Velvet

Father D2559SP

Mother D653

Status together with Sörig´s Hunter

Comments owner S*Atlantis

Sörig´s Light of Skagen

Date of birth 2010-07-21

Colour grey

Father 75S

Mother 144S

Status together with 

SE*Pampas & SE*Amorina´s La Faraona

Date of birth 2011-12-24

Colour grey german violet carrier

Father  G2

Mother Sörig´s Little Beauty

Status together with Chinchilla von der Hardt´s Peter Pan

Chinchilla Paradise Eve

Date of birth 2012-07-12

Colour german violett

Father Chinchilla Paradise´s Indigo

Mother Shakira

Status together with Chinchilla von der Hardt´s Borchen


SE*Pampas Kim

Date of birth 2013-11-22

Colur Grey

Father Dissing´s Niels

Mother Sörig´s Light of Skagen

Status together with S*Amorina´s Hey

Malchow´s Helga

Date of birth 2014-04-xx

Colour Grey

Father HC79

Mother I-43